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Anne Hathaway Havoc Article

Sex and the City - These Ladies Behave Like Us By Janet Alston Jackson

Many of us ladies can identify with the blockbuster "Sex and the City" movie and the record-breaking television show, because the characters are emotionally realistic. We can connect with the high-fashioned women searching for love---experiencing heart-break and disappointment ---while trying to figure themselves out and others.
Beyond our obvious comparisons with the characters and our own lives, we may also subconsciously identify with them through their behavioral styles. We know these women like we know ourselves because they are expressing our own behavioral style patterns.
Let me explain. Through out the ages man has always tried to group humanity into four behavioral styles. Astrologers believe man's behavior is shaped by the signs they're born under, earth, wind, fire or water.
Before astrologers, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, believed people's temperaments and personalities were shaped by four things in the body: blood, phlegm, black bile, and yellow bile. Shakespeare used four references to Hippocrates concepts of different people's behaviors when he wrote his plays. Other greats who also believed in four basic behaviors include Aristotle, father of philosophy, and in Roman times, Galen.
While Dr. Carl Jung wrote about his four famous psychological types; the Intuitor, Thinker, Feeler and Sensor, William Marston, psychologist and inventor, studied men in their environment. Marston in his book, "The Emotions of Normal People, " classified behaviors into four major groups: Dominance, Inducement (Influence), Compliance (Conscientious), and Submission (Steadiness).
Through out the ages, the names of the behaviors may have changed, but the behaviors are the same. For this article we will focus on Marston's behaviors since he is known as a feminist theorist and created the "Wonder Woman" cartoon character.
In 1969, John Geier, Ph.D. a Director and Professor of Behavioral Science and Communication at the University of Minnesota, developed the Personal Profile System based on Marston's work to measure behavioral styles. Today it's called the DISC™ by Inscape Publishing which has been used by over 40 million users in 40 different countries.
Before naming the "Sex and the City" styles that are like our own, it is important to point out: a) There is no right or wrong behavioral style. b) We are a combination of behavioral styles although one is usually dominant. c) We change our behavioral styles based on our environments.
Here are the four pure styles:
Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) Carrie is a writer who is concerned about what people think and feel about her. Image is important. She has lots of energy and knows how to network. Her dress is trendy and high fashion. She reacts on impulse and relates from emotion.
Influence Behavioral Style: Optimistic, outgoing and impulsive These individuals tend to be very social "people people" who prefer participating on teams, sharing ideas, and entertaining and energizing others.
Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) She's strong, assertive. Samantha is also tough and takes charge. In the movie, she is owner of a celebrity management company and plays hard-ball with the entertainment industry executives to promote her lover. Samantha doesn't hesitate to tell people off, and is quick to challenge anyone. She relates from her gut and follows her basic instincts.
Dominance Behavioral Style: Direct & Decisive These are the people who tend to be strong-minded. They are also strong-willed people who enjoy challenges, taking action, and immediate results. Their focus tends to be on the bottom line and results.
Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) Charlotte is the girlfriend's "girlfriend" who is optimistic and wishes everyone the very best. She's the ultimate team player. Charlotte sees the world differently than the others. She does everything she can to keep away from conflict. She's a good listener, and wants to keep everything and everyone balanced. She relates from her heart.
Steadiness Behavioral Style: Sympathetic and Cooperative These people tend to be supportive, helpful and team players. They prefer being behind the scene, working in consistent and predictable ways. They are often good listeners.
Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) Miranda is the lawyer who thinks and argues logically. She's deeply offended being criticized because she has thought hard and long on how to be right and do the right things. Miranda constantly raises the bar for herself, be it in her professional or personal life. She's pragmatic, dresses conservatively, and relates from her head.
Conscientiousness Behavioral Style: Concerned, Cautious and Correct These people are often focused on quality. They plan ahead, constantly check for accuracy and systematic approaches.
Louise- Carrie's assistant (Jennifer Hudson) Louise demonstrates all four behavioral styles in the "Sex and the City" movie. She is dominant when she takes charge and fiercely organizes everything in Carrie's life. She exhibits the analytical thinking of a conscientiousness behavioral style as a computer wiz. Louise also shows a steadiness style as a loyal employee, and a good listener to Carrie. She also shows deep appreciation (remember Carrie's gift to her?). Louise is enthusiastic, charming, and intent on making a favorable impression on Carrie, which is all a reflection of the influencing style just like her boss.
Mr. Big (Chris Noth)? The ultimate mystery man with his unpredictable, elusive behavior who also exhibits deep passion, is a question mark. What do you think?
Understanding behavioral styles is critical to connect with others, reduce conflicts and better relationships. Now that you have read the styles... which one are you? Carrie, Samantha, Miranda or Charlotte, or better yet, which combinations?
For more in depth information on understanding and reading other's behavioral styles to effectively communicate with them, visit sportingtherightattitude articles sportingtherightattitude articles
Janet Alston Jackson, award-winning author of "A Cry for Light: A Journey into Love, " is a behavioral consultant who is a guest on radio talk shows around the country. She was a publicist for ABC and CBS Television Networks for twenty years who promoted dramas, specials, award shows, children shows, and sitcoms. Today she facilitates personal growth workshops for better relationships with husband, author Walter Jackson. Visit their sportingtherightattitude sportingtherightattitude
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